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We've been searching the web for years. Until now, you had to choose between online only classifieds that had no local offices that you could contact a real person at. Or your local paper, which was great at local ads, but did not really understand the power of the world wide web. American is changing all of that. All of the ads that you see online, are in print simultaneously in over 100 local newspapers across america. This combination of both in print and online all the time offers you the wonderfully unique ability view or place ads in papers that offer a print circulation base in the millions. Add the millions of online visitors, and you have something special here. Check them out regularly, they are adding new papers at an astounding rate.

american classifieds Click on the icon for the official American Classifieds Web Site, with well over 100 cities available, and thousand of new ads each week! And you can view the ads for free!