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Linking to the Flag Images
At this time, we do allow linking directly to the flag images so long as a few simple courtesies are followed by you.
Notice: We are in process of upgrading servers and preparing to change our method of linking. If you currently are utilizing a link from our site and wish the new link code when we make the change, just drop us an email. Thanks

1. Please copy the entire link and not just the image link. This will allow others to simply click on your image and bring them to Fastrackonline.net's flag index. In this fashion, we both gain. We move up in the battle of search engine rankings, and you save on a little precious disk space. This is just good net citizenship.
2. Please don't link multiple images. We, like you, find bandwidth and disk space to be valuable commodities. By keeping it simple we can all benefit and we won't be forced to change to a type of database formatting where no one could link.
3. Images that don't carry the link tag included will face a denial of service from our site. The additional down side to this would be other members at your isp could blocked out as well. So let's all be good net citizens as well as good citizens and work together.
Any questions regarding linking, or if you have corrected your image links and wish to have us remove the denial of service to your site, feel free to Contact Us. We do also ask that if you have linked to us, please drop us an email and let us know. We do update the site regularly, and if or when we change the image locations, we will notify you.

All images on our site are checked for viruses with Virus Barrier, Norton Antivirus and others before we place them on the site.

What is the correct way to link?
example: The correct link for the image below would read like this:


Want us to link to you?
We'll be happy to provide a link to your site on our links page. Click here to submit your information. We do adhere to the ICRA ratings system so guidelines for links from us would need to meet our content standards, please view about us.